Sunday, 4 November 2012

I put some new shoes on..

Wedges - New Look.
About a month ago now, me and my boyfriend went to the cinema to see 'The perks of being a wallflower' but we had some time to kill before the film, so i dragged him around the shops. Then we went in to New Look and I spotted this beautiful pair of wedges for about £25, but as I hadn't expected to go shopping I didn't have any money with me and couldn't get them so I was super upset. Then, the next week I went shopping with my dad and headed in to New Look and the first thing I saw was these, on sale for only £8.
I wore them out the other night with a simple, black bodycon dress and I just love them so much. They were just an absolute bargain, so pleased!


Two products I've been loving this month!

Revlon colorstay foundation.
 This has been my go to foundation this month, and i doubt that will be changing anytime soon. I read so many reviews on this so just over a month ago, so when my other foundation ran out I decided to buy this instead and i'm so glad I did. It's the best foundation i've used, the colour matches my skin tone for a start which is something I can't often find, as I rather pale skin but this one matches me perfectly. As i'm only young,  also suffer with spots quite a lot and have found that the coverage this foundation has is perfect for covering up any uneven skin tones, blemishes, everything, it's always covered and you don't even need to use too much.
Unless i'm going out somewhere I don't really like to set my foundation with powder so i'm glad that with this foundation I don't need to, I don't get any shine from it and it has such good staying power. I went to a party on friday night wearing this, danced the whole night and it  didn't budge in the slightest. I'm just super impressed, especially as I managed to pick this up for only £8! I'd definitely recommend this to anyone.

Collection 2000 extreme felt tip liner in black.
I was in boots the other week and I spotted this eyeliner for only £3 or £4, one of the two, and as the eyeliner I had at the time was nearly run out I decided I might aswell get it. This is the first felt tip style liquid eyeliner I've brought and I just love how easy it is to apply, it really is just like using a felt tip pen to draw on yourself, it glides on that easily. I didn't know if it would have that great staying power considering it was so cheap, but I also wore this to the party on friday and after hours of dancing it hadn't smudged at all, and I was sporting rather large eyeliner flicks with this.

These two products have been my absolute favourite makeup products to use this month and I'd definitely recommend them to anyone.


Bright pink lippy.

Right now i'm super frustrated as i just wrote this whole post out, and then accidently deleted it, ooops. So here we go again..

This is a lipstick from the brand tease, which is a brand that I've never seen anywhere apart from the factory shop. I spotted the whole tease lipstick selection last time I was in there and having never heard of the brand before I assumed it was probably just some cheap, tacky make. I wasn't actually planning on buying this but I had a spare pound left and this lipstick is only £1, so you can't really go wrong, also I have been meaning to try a brighter lipstick but didn't want to have to spend money on something just to be disappointed. I probably should mention this lipstick is a lot brighter in person than in these pictures.
Well, I have been pleasantly surprised by this product. The colour transfers onto the lips so well, coming out on to the lips the exact colour it is when not on the lips, as I find some lipsticks can look a really nice colour but when put on the lips they can come out quite sheer meaning you have to use a lot of it, but not with this. Also it does last quite a while, I do find myself having to dab on a little more if i'm wearing this throughout the whole day but I get that with most products anyway.

Overall, i'm thoroughly impressed, so if you're in to bright colours or just a complete bargain hunter like me then i'd definitely recommend popping in to your nearest factory shop and getting one of these. I'm not saying it's a great lipstick, but it is for one that only costs £1!